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Who is Leigh Greenwood?

Leigh has operational & training rope access experience spanning the last 23 years and has undertaken projects across a range of industries around the world. Although usually based in Australia, he is engaged in the International Rope Access sector through his involvement with IRATA International as an Auditor, Assessor and Committee member as well as having undertaken rope access projects across America, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, Africa and New Zealand.

Leigh has a passion for the sharing of rope access knowledge through his business 5th Point and his IRATA Training Centres in Australia and New Zealand.

If you would like to hear about Leigh’s story in rope access, have a listen here:

What is RATTAC?

Having spent over a decade on the IRATA Executive committee, Leigh has had the pleasure of listening to stories and tales from many of the founders of IRATA and individuals from the Rope Access industry back in the early 80s. During this time, he has seen some of these well-known rope access legends pass away…. this has driven Leigh to start RATTAC. Using his extensive network in the rope access world he aims to get these stories and tales into your ears, as the listener, before they are lost for ever.

Leigh didn’t want the podcast to just be about the stories, hence the name, Rope Access Tips, Tricks and Chats. The aim is to give you some cool rope access Tip’s, some Tricks he has picked up over the decades, and of course some great Chats with many of those well-known and not so well-known legends of rope access. Have a listen, and learn more about this great industry we call Rope Access.